A few of the nice things people have said

Alistair has always delivered great results for me, no matter what the topic is and always in line with objectives. The post workshop feedback is consistently very positive towards Alistair and participants thoroughly appreciate the experience. He is very reliable, understands the objectives very quickly and as a bonus, it is easy and enjoyable to work with him.

Alistair is my ‘go to’ facilitator and I will keep on using his services in the future. I can very highly recommend him to anybody needing truly effective facilitation for even the most difficult themes.

Global Business Development Director
Peak Well Systems LTD

I have contracted Alistair Punt into BP to facilitate technical workshops at both a regional and field level, all of which he planned and delivered to a high standard. As a result of this track-record, I have also recommended Alistair to other colleagues, including the PILOT EOR work-group. Subsequently Alistair facilitated one of the PILOT EOR workshops on Miscible Gas and did this to his usual high standard.

Technology Manager

Alistair Punt recently assisted BG Group in planning and hosting a technology workshop in Sao Paulo, Brazil, which I was involved in managing. This is one of several such events which Alistair has helped BG with in recent years, and he delivered to the high standards which we have come to expect.

This event involved working in liaison with our partners for this particular technology programme, FAPESP, the Sao Paulo state R&D funding agency, and a delegate contingent of 70 + academics, industrial representatives, industry association representatives and technology providers from Brazil, UK, US and Asia. The objective of the workshop was to identify and rank the key challenges in gas utilisation and innovation which technology would have an impact on over the medium to long term in Brazil, and those areas which also had a strategic interest to BG Group.

The workshop was well planned by Alistair, and he managed the execution very professionally, engaging the delegates well and driving out the breadth and depth of output which we were seeking – a challenging task given the broad topic area and the diverse multinational nature of the delegates. His work was also much appreciated by FAPESP, who expressed real interest in using Alistair´s services themselves at some point.

I can recommend Alistair very highly to support this kind of exercise and would be happy to provide further information if required.

Surface Technology Manager
BG Group

Great job! I love your method and how it adapts to different audiences, levels and objectives.

You won the confidence of my team and I was glad to be able to bring you into the picture to move their objectives forward. To be honest, I wasn’t worried at all! There have been two key shifts within the group over the 1 ½ days that are strategically important for this team to move forward - they at last understand that they must first align within their own segment before dispersing efforts to ‘grow’ with the other segments. They also started to express an understanding of the difference between Business as Usual (BAU) and the necessary, longer-term thinking that is hard to manage in times of change. THAT is major.

Global Brand & Communications Director

Thank you for facilitating our event at the AECC yesterday. It went extremely well and your facilitation skills were a keen part in keeping focus and delivering some really good outcomes.

Senior Reservoir Engineer
Department of Energy and Climate Change

ABZ 100 kick off workshop yesterday. Great bunch of people. Friends and colleagues spanning my 40 years here in Aberdeen. World class facilitator Alistair Punt. Fantastic facility Credo. Watch this space.

Managing Director

Over the years I have worked in senior positions and on boards, in government, industry and academia and have observed that on many occasions a well designed workshop can help an organisation understand itself better and get to the bottom of difficult issues. But real success relies on lots of effort up front to define and agree the scope and mechanisms to be used on the day and then delivering the programme with energy and passion to ensure buy in and engagement by all participants - both roles are best achieved by engaging an experienced facilitator to do all this but with an element of magic to really bring it all together and make it work...Alistair will bring the magic to your event as I have seen on many of occasions over these years, regardless of specific topic. If I am looking to bring a Facilitator on board I always look to see if Alistair is available first.


Great process, well lead and humorous. Very good facilitation kept everyone involved and contributing. Excellent Facilitation - well laid out and structured, thanks!

Petrofac Workshop Participants

I like to use STASH facilitation for this type of work because I know they will get the depth and quality of discussion and interaction needed from the team but also it allows me to get fully involved in the content of the workshop. I don't need to be the meeting host / chair other than welcoming everybody at the start and maybe offering a bit of upfront scene setting. After that, Alistair takes care of all the other aspects of the day: he looks after the timing, the process, the agenda, the logistics, the team dynamics, capturing output etc. and he is really good at this! It lets me and the rest of my team fully focus on the purpose of the session so we get the maximum benefit from the time spent.

Chief Executive Officer, Onshore Energy and Head of Middle East
Sodexo Energy & Resources
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