Facilitation is a process in which groups, with the assistance of a neutral third party (the facilitator), work on problems to be solved, tasks to be accomplished or disputed issues to be resolved.

Facilitation may conclude there, or it may continue to assist in developing options, considering alternatives and endeavouring to reach agreements. The facilitator may advise on or determine the process of facilitation to achieve the groups objectives but has no advisory role on the content of the discussions or the agreed outcomes.

At Stash we have been supplying our clients with highly experienced time served facilitators for over fifteen years. We have planned and delivered hundreds of sessions around the world from the UK to Australia, USA to Brazil. We have worked with groups as small as five and as large as five hundred in many sectors ranging from oil and gas to the rail industry, tourism to large infrastructure projects.


The workshop was well planned by Alistair, and he managed the execution very professionally, engaging the delegates well and driving out the breadth and depth of output which we were seeking – a challenging task given the broad topic area and the diverse multinational nature of the delegates. His work was also much appreciated by FAPESP, who expressed real interest in using Alistair´s services themselves at some point.

I can recommend Alistair very highly to support this kind of exercise and would be happy to provide further information if required.

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