Team Development

Using up to a 300 square mile playing field, satellites, handheld GPS, detailed maps, some calories and creativity, your team delivers the content of their away day to address your specific objectives (with a little guidance from us!)

Working as an effective team whether internally or across organisational boundaries has never been more important.

The Stash process is an exciting innovative and effective way to help build
great team performance. Based on your needs we can tailor the experience
to deliver insight and improvement on a variety of subjects for example - trust, leadership, communication, collaboration, engagement.

We can work with groups of just a few people up to full project teams of several hundred. We can design sessions to run over a single day or build momentum across several months.

Stash team development sessions are creative, fun, healthy, focused, educational and tailored to your specific needs. Interested? Intrigued? Call us and let us explain how we might work for you.

Illustration Team Whiteboard

Great job! I love your method and how it adapts to different audiences, levels and objectives. I saw two key shifts within the group over the 1 ½ days that are strategically important for this team to move forward - THAT is major.”

Global Brand & Communications Director


Too often days away from the office are at best fun for some and endured by others! They deliver little of real value and can be quite expensive. At Stash we believe this is a wasted opportunity, properly conceived and delivered these sessions can be enjoyable for all and very productive. So we plan and tailor team building events to address our clients specific objectives. 

It might just be part of what you do as a team, having some enjoyable time away from the pressures of work. You might want to restore morale after a challenging time, or you might want to say thank you for a job well done. It could be about communication or trust, it might be about encouraging collaboration, leadership, creativity or some other issue peculiar to your team.

Once we understand your requirements for taking your team away from the office we design a session to deliver the specific objectives and submit our proposal. If you like what we suggest we get on and make it happen.    

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