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    Working Together

Every now and again it is a good idea to take a short time away from the detail of a project to consider how your team is performing, to agree what, if anything, is causing problems in working relationships across the team and with other parts of the organisation and to agree things that can be done to address the pinch points.

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An oil company undertaking a large decommissioning project in the UK had shrunk the size of its decommissioning team as elements of the scope were completed. This had created a different set of requirements and challenges for the remaining team members both in terms of working together as a team and in interfacing with other parts of the project, the wider company and prime contractors. The project manager decided to hold a full day offsite in Aberdeen to allow the team to agree on what the issues were and to look for agreement as to how they might be addressed.

Stash Solution

These working together sessions are fairly common in terms of the number of times we have run them. As always we sat with the client sponsor in advance of the workshop to discuss objectives, we made sure we fully understood what they wanted from the time out the office, put together a Track or agenda that reflected this and then after a little further discussion we delivered the one day event. Feedback at the end of the day: "Well facilitated - good open discussion and communication. It was a quick day which is unusual for this type of session!" "It was very different from what I expected, much more engaging and inclusive, a very valuable session which fully met objectives. I feel energised about the way ahead."

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