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Global Corporate Transformation


    2017 to 2018


    Food Services and Facilities Management


    Team Communication / Buy-In / Action Planning

Sodexo, the global food services and facilities management company, decided to refresh its strategy to respond to changing market conditions and as a consequence needed to undertake a significant transformation across its worldwide operations. The changes required to deliver phase one of this transformation were agreed at corporate level and then 'rolled out' across multiple regions. The Middle East (ME) regional roll out began in early 2017. It involved presenting the transformation and its associated changes, and the reasons they were required, as an evolving multi chapter story to the ME management team whilst engaging them in an interactive discussion about local implications, consequences and required actions. The objectives of the two day session held in January 2017 in Muscat, Oman, were summarised as:

Sharing information to achieve an understanding of how the 1st phases of transformation and change are beginning to shape our business in the Middle East.

Gaining commitment to meeting the challenges ahead which will involve working differently to drive client retention, achieve ambitious growth and develop our people.

Prepare the next steps to allow the Middle East to play its part in delivering Sodexo’s Ambition 2025 - 'To always be chosen for making every day a better day'

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How can we get regional buy-in to this global transformation / change initiative, and make sure the team fully understands what the implications are and agrees how we will address them?

Stash Solution

At Stash, our contribution to achieving these three primary objectives was to: 'Facilitate / compere the session so that by the close on day two the Middle East management team understood what the transformation involved, why it was deemed necessary, what its consequences will be, how this will impact on each person present and what we will need to be doing in the short to medium term to deliver the requirements'. Day 1 was primarily about communication; sharing information, gaining understanding and commitment. Lots of interactive presentations, questions and discussion. Our role was to compere the various elements, to encourage the required level of discussion, to capture and play back key points, and to make sure the agenda was followed so that timings allowed a complete exploration of the many aspects of the transformation.

Day 2 was about the team preparing; what can we collectively do that will help us as a team to deliver what is required in terms of responding to this transformation? Our role here was more typical facilitation; helping the team identify and prioritise what was needed of them, then looking at and agreeing specific actions required to progress the work needed. This was a very interesting and enjoyable assignment working with a culturally-diverse, high-achieving and highly motivated team. Feedback post-event was very positive and we have subsequently been engaged by Sodexo to help with delivering various specific aspects of the transformation program. This included an equally interesting, more 'coal face' assignment in Kuwait later in 2017 working with the Middle East operations managers exploring the specifics of their response to the organisational changes.

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