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    Market re-entry

Entering, or in this case re-entering, a market is an expensive and time-consuming exercise that should not be undertaken without proper planning. Rushing it or beginning the process without full buy-in across all the elements of your company that will be involved is not a good idea! When the potential rewards are massive and the potential cost of failure so dramatic it is worth bringing in some external facilitation support early on to begin the planning process.

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For various reasons a very large global service company had exited an important market in 2016. In 2018 a decision was taken that they would re-enter this market in 2019 / 2020, the revenue opportunities were too large to continue to ignore. In order to explore the opportunity and the challenges and to begin to construct an approach for this re-entry exercise it was decided to hold a workshop in Dubai.

Stash Solution

The team required to plan and execute the re-entry strategy assembled and Stash facilitated and captured the key points of the discussion, focusing on - the market opportunity - what aspects should we concentrate on? The size of the ambition - what revenue targets should we agree? Re-entry options - what partners will we need? Next step actions - what do we need to do now to make this happen?

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