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As a leader it can be frustrating and worrying to hear via informal channels that your offshore workforce are getting mixed messages about the companies commitment to safety. Sometimes the best solution is to remove all the barriers and speak to them directly and as a group rather than individually.

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The UK MD of a major global oil and gas operator was worried that his personal commitment to and message about the importance of safety was not being properly communicated by middle management to the offshore safety supervisors. He wanted to speak directly to his ‘coal face’ people to reinforce the message directly. In addition he wanted to hear firsthand about issues the supervisors were encountering whilst attempting to deliver safe operations offshore.

Stash Solution

Stash, working closely with the client, developed a series of three one day sessions. Each attended by 70 people they were delivered over three months to accommodate offshore shifts. The programme involved interactive discussion, informative but enjoyable game play and the development of team videos ‘live’ on the day. These videos were of such a standard that they have subsequently been used by the client across other parts of the company.

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